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  • FG&R LLC offers best-in-class A/R management with end-to-end cash flow optimization. Unlike traditional A/R service providers, we bring a strategic, business-to-business discipline to the receivables process. Our methodology includes conducting up-front, root cause analytics that identify and explain existing deficiencies, as well as post-initiative evaluations and ROI metrics that quantify the effectiveness of our solutions.

  • Add to this, our knowledge of your industry. Because FG&R LLC have deep expertise across multiple industries, we can customize our solutions based on industry-specific nuances in billing, dispute resolution and information requirements. The result for our clients is an ability to turn deficiencies into efficiencies, for dramatic and cost-effective improvements to their order-to-cash process

  • Choose from collection letters, third party telephone contact, up through legal litigation with the ability to have a continuity of services and processes from one resource. FG&R LLC has over 25 years of experience and effectively uses that knowledge to provide ‘best-in-class’ results to our customers.

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